Our commitment is to provide you with complete transparency and give you a real understanding of all aspects of your home loan. With access to over 25 lenders and numerous finance packages, our finance team will match you with the perfect home loan to suit your personal circumstances.

There is NO CHARGE for our finance service, because we understand the last thing you need is to worry about more fees and costs.

As part of our service, we will:

  • Talk you through all your loan options
  • Explain how much you can spend and borrow on your new home
  • Explain what deposits and fees you will require
  • Explain what your loan repayments will be
  • Submit your application for a pre-approval
  • Submit your application for a formal approval
  • Process your progress payment invoices throughout the construction period
  • Provide you with loan options even if you have poor credit or defaults
  • Assist with any government products and grants you may be eligible for
  • Provide you with a Plan of Action if you are not ready to proceed

Don’t waste your precious time and energy, simply leave it to us. We are by your side every step of the way!

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